Benefits of Early Diagnosis

An early and accurate Alzheimer's disease diagnosis can be empowering. It gives control back to you and your support network. The power to proactively design a plan of action that allows you to live the fullest life possible.

Have hope and take action

Facing Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming and at times, scary. But now is the time for hope and not despair. We’ve learned so much about Alzheimer’s disease. The availability of early diagnostic tools and disease-modifying therapies are proof that we have entered a new era. The time to act is NOW.

Turn worry into action

If you’re worried about memory changes, an evaluation to determine if your symptoms may be due to Alzheimer’s disease puts you in control of your future.

Access emerging treatments

There is a great sense of urgency among scientists, healthcare providers, patients, and families to find better solutions to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Clinical trials of disease-modifying therapies targeting the underlying pathology of Alzheimer’s disease are the most common. Blood-based biomarkers, like our ALZpathDx diagnostic blood test, provide a possible solution for expedited enrollment into a clinical trial for those with a greater likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.

Build your support team

Most people with a chronic condition will live their best life when surrounded by a strong team. Begin by taking inventory of family, friends, and neighbors that you feel you can count on. Don’t forget those who you can connect with virtually. Think about community programs, your faith community, volunteer organizations, and specific medical professionals that can be part of your team. Identify how each member of your team can help and support you from practical assistance to those who are willing to listen. Begin to have conversations with identified potential team members and build the team that is right for you.

Plan for your future​

It is never too early or late to think about the future, whether living with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease or not. If you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, knowing this early in the disease process allows you to make logical decisions regarding your financial and legal affairs, advanced directives for medical care, and decisions about insurance. Acting earlier puts you in charge of your future! ALZpath can help you take the first step down the right path.

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