The ALZpath difference: A solution for healthcare providers

ALZpath assists healthcare providers in meeting the needs of people expressing cognitive concerns. Ordering our ALZpath Bundle provides:
  • Alzheimer’s disease expertise
  • Access to ALZpathDx diagnostic blood test
  • Post-diagnostic recommendations and guidance

Save time. Add expertise. Coordinate care. Make a difference.

The ALZpath Bundle

The ALZpath Bundle, an excellent resource for a busy medical practice, includes access to our ALZpathDx diagnostic blood test and our PathFinder services. ALZpathDx is our proprietary pTau217 test for determining the likelihood of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The PathFinders are a team of dementia experts who will partner with your patient and care partner every step of the way. 

Advancements in Science

ALZpathDx Diagnostic Blood Test

With our proprietary phosphorylated tau 217 (pTau217) blood-based biomarker, ALZpathDx offers an approach to early diagnosis that is simple, accessible, timely, cost-effective and less invasive than current testing methods.
pTau217 in blood is a transformative Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic biomarker, which closely reflects amyloid and tau pathology, the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s, and correlates with clinical features of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Advancements in Care

PathFinder Care

Our dementia experts help individuals and their families navigate their diagnostic journey. They spend time discussing the implications of a potential Alzheimer's diagnosis and the steps that are likely to occur during and after the process.
Once the ordering provider and their patient have received the results, the PathFinder team provides appropriate counseling and provision of support. Ordering Providers are kept in the loop throughout the entire process.

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Where is ALZpath available?

Please check below to see what services are offered in your state.

If any of our services are not yet available in your area, please check back or contact us for information on our expansion efforts.

How to order ALZpath Services

ALZpath is pleased to offer the following services:

  • ALZpath Bundle (PathFinder + ALZpathDx diagnostic blood test)
  • ALZpathDx diagnostic blood test only

The ALZpath Bundle can be ordered via fax. Please download our Order Form and fax to 1-866-534-4565 with the requested information. Once we have received all documents, we will contact your patient to schedule their first PathFinder appointment.

Interested in ordering the ALZpathDx diagnostic blood test? Please contact us for lab locations in your area.

How much does it cost?

ALZpath services are billed directly to the patient’s insurance carrier. Co-pays or deductibles may apply according to the terms of individual policies.

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