ALZpath Webinar on Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology with a Blood-based pTau217 Test

Unlocking Early Diagnosis: Exploring the Potential of Blood-based pTau217 in Alzheimer's Disease Detection
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Webinar Overview

Blood-based biomarkers have emerged as a scalable solution for clinical evaluation, trial selection, and disease monitoring in Alzheimer’s disease. However, availability of the pTau217 tests for research and clinical use has been limited. Expanding access to this highly accurate Alzheimer’s Disease biomarker is crucial for wider evaluation and implementation of Alzheimer’s Disease blood tests that could enable earlier diagnosis and disease intervention.

Key Speakers:

  • Henrik Zetterberg, PhD
    Professor of Neurochemistry
    University of Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Kaj Blennow, PhD
    Professor of Clinical Neurochemistry
    University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Discussion Highlights:

  • Clinical Evaluation Data for ALZpath’s Plasma pTau217 Assay
  • Results from Wisconsin’s Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention (WRAP) related to pTau217
  • Practical Aspects of High-throughput Sample Analysis
  • Superior Performance of pTau217 compared to pTau217/non-pTau212-221 ratio
  • Advancements in Developing an Easy-to-Use, Highly Accurate Blood-based AD Test

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